New Moon POWERFUL SPELL using Selenite Sticks

I will cast a powerful spell using a Selenite stick*

This will be cast on the New Moon of the 26th November

Includes a Free Booster + Oracle Card Reading + Free Mantra

Love, Money, Clear Negativity, Healing, Clear Blockages

I will then bless and charge the selenite stick and post out to you. You can then carry the stick around with you (handy 5cm size to fit into a pocket or handbag) , and place under your pillow at night to enhance the power of the spell. I will also send you a mantra to further enhance the spell

Selenite can also be used for healing, enhancing psychic abilities, and purifying. Can also be used for clearing blockages on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Clears negativity from within and also keeps negativity away! Also used for good luck! Idea to scan body to clear negativity. (You hold a few inches away from body and go over every part. You should be able to pick up on blockages and go over again until cleared!) You can also place these around the house to keep negativity at bay!