Daily Forecast Email Reading

Would you like to know what your personal energies are going to be like on a certain day?

This is a fabulous Reading if you need a little guidance on a specific day such as a job interview or first date!

The Daily Forecast Email Reading is personal to you and consists of 4 Parts.

1) Daily Numerological Forecast
2) Daily Tarot Card
3) Daily Crystal Guidance Card
4) Daily Moon Forecast

The 1st part will be your own Numerological Forecast based on your numbers. Please provide your full date of birth in the format day / month / year when purchasing
You will also receive Affirmations to work with on your chosen day.

I will also pull you a card from my goto deck - The Faulkner Tarot, followed by a card from my very own Crystal Guidance Deck.
Your Daily Forecast Reading will be sent via Email with images of the cards.

The final part of your Forecast Reading will be the Moonology Forecast for the day. I will share with you The Daily Moon and the current Moon Phase.

When purchasing please let me know the date that you would like me to focus on!

Same Day Readings are also available if purchased before 1pm (Uk Time), please send me a message expressing this.
Otherwise I aim to have this to you within 12 hours (24 hrs at most)

Please note I do not read on health, pregnancy or legal matters, nor do I give financial advice.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I look forward to connecting with you
Julia x

Mobile (Text/WhatsApp for Availability): 07807134890