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Today I would like to share with you all a card from my very own self published Crystal Guidance Cards.

Smokey Quartz
Acting calm and patient is proving to be the right way to address certain situations.
It may seem that nothing is happening, but underneath the surface change is underway.
There is a need to stay grounded and to release any excess energy, particularly of the negative kind such as anger or resentment. By doing so you will be able to live your life more freely.

My name is Julia and I am an intuitive card reader and teacher, and have been working with tarot and oracle cards for over 30 years, the last 12 years I have been working as a Professional Reader and Spiritual Teacher - Mentor and feel so blessed to have clients from all over the world.

My goto tarot deck is The Faulkner Tarot - known as the first modern day photographic tarot deck showing real people and real life situations we can all relate too.
This is also the deck I teach with.

I also love to work with other oracle decks which includes my very own Crystal Guidance Cards which were published this year.

Along side the cards I also like to work with crystals, affirmations, basic astrology, numerology, moonology and The Universal Laws within my readings.

My readings and intuitive guidance will always come from a place of compassion and will be honest and insightful so you can move forwards in life and create your own unique, authentic and inspired life that you deserve.

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I had a reading to go over a situation I am in and there were things within the reading which I could relate to. Although the situation is difficult I know only time will tell so I need to move forward and live my best life. Thanks for the quick and honest reading Julie x

Lex about listing Relationship Guidance (6 Cards) 6 hours ago.

Thanks Julia. Taken the advice on board. The WhatsApp message was very useful and guided to what I should do next

Thank u interesting

Janet Carter about listing Self Love Email Reading (6 Cards) 2 months ago.