Latest Free Reading - The card I have drawn is The Three Of Wands. This card shows me that you shall have good news in your life. This is related to something that has been going on for a while and I feel that this is to do with your job. I see that you have been worried about this and you have felt that it has not been secure recently. This month you have have some knowledge that shall make you feel more secure. I see that you shall hear this from a work colleague and it shall not at present be official in nature. I see that you shall gain confidence by this and you shall begin something new in your life. I do feel that we shall begin a new hobby and this may involve joining a club. You shall feel less worried this month. You do worry a lot about things and you can get very emotional over things. You should have confidence this month that things will work out. The news you receive about your job shall not be totally certain in its outcome but it shall give you hope for the future.

ABOUT RON - Hi I am Ron I have been selling tarot reading and spell for 10 years. I have 30 years of experience in the occult and have followed a variety of paths. I can do you tarot readings on any subject and cast spells for any subject. So contact me if you need my help. Let me guide you or manifest your own reality.

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Gynni about listing Celtic cross tarot reading 3 days ago.

Great, as usual. Thank you

Annie about listing 3 questions tarot reading 5 days ago.

Thanks for everything you are definitely an angel to me . I'm going to get rid of Tumi and his foolish friends permeantly! I am very intrigued by your visions. This is the top best reading I have got so far from you. A friend of mine wants to get readings from you as soon as possible I would like to help her out so she can make contact with you thanks for being my angle for me you and your family stay safe and healthy and happy. Please have a great year. I'm going to be calling upon you again soon

Patricia about listing Celtic cross tarot reading 7 days ago.