make them sweet spell & Reading

I will be casting the spell this Sunday .
Hurry spaces are limited !

The purpose of a Honey Jar spell is to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you. The spell can be used romantically—say, to attract a romantic interest closer to you, get an Ex to think positive thoughts of you and help bring them back in your life or just Sweeten up your current persons feelings towards you —but it’s not limited to that kind of love. If you’ve fallen out of favour with someone , a sweetener spell could get you back on their good books.
Honey Jar spells are a very effective form of defensive magic when anyone is conjuring anger or resentment toward you, since the spell can soften negative feelings towards you.
If someone is a jealous coworker, an angry ex, Honey Jar spell might just do the trick.

please state yours and your persons name along with the intention of this spell when ordering .
You will be sent a reading and photos of the spell around 48 hours after the spell was cast

**Please be aware that spells can take 3/6 months to start being effective. You need to do work your end also and keep your thoughts positive for the outcome otherwise you will block the energy’s and it will not be effective.
Please note All spell work is not guaranteed and readings are for entertainment purposes only

Much love
Venus x