Latest Free Reading - The card is drawn today is the Queen of cups reversed...this is telling u to take a little bit of time to look inside yourself ...Is there anything in your life that requires a bit of isolation and contemplation? Anything that you would do well to spend a little time in solidarity and just having a good think or a good listen to your heart? When this card comes up, you may even need to do a bit of emotional healing at the moment. This is a challenging time for u at the moment and you may find that you need to take a little time to yourself to nurture your feelings and really focus on yourself ....u are a natural nurturer, and this card is gentle reminder to nurture yourself first, so you can continue to nurture others. Go ahead and have a good cry if you need to, we have to feel it to heal

About Venus - I have been practicing the tarot for around 7 years.

I first realised i had psychic abilities from around the age of 8 after i had several Precognitive dreams and premonitions.... as i got older i had more and more precognitive dreams and premonitions and started to realise i have a gift. Since the awakening my abilities have become very strong.
My main abilities are  clairvoyance and clairaudience...i will use these abilities  alongside the tarot cards to make sure u get the most accurate reading possible. I also use a crystal ball.

I’m also and energy worker and experienced in crystal healing and hold qualifications to carry out healing in person and remotely.

I feel i should share my gift to help and advise people in the best way possible.

I am also an empath so i can also feel others emotions physically and as a result of this  u can be assured u will be guided forward in the best way possible

PLEASE NOTE-  i  will not suger coat my readings i will tell u what i see and hear from my guides and what comes up in the tarot cards ...  i will tell u what u need to hear not what u want to hear.

Please also bear in mind that i cannot guarantee to be 100% accurate.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only again please bear this in mind.

I will also perform a  crystal healing  for u if desired  with your reading. (Free of charge)  (This can help a lot  if u are going through a breakup, or feeling negative  for any other reason) the aim is to send some positivity emotionally.

I have over 15 years experience in love  relationships issues so specialise in love and relationship readings

I do not read on health or pregnancy.

Please feel free to pop me a message with any questions u may have

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Venus it was nice to hear from you again.A wonderful reading as usual.Thank you Jamie

Jamie about listing TODAYS FREE READING PART 2 22 hours ago.

Everything seemed spot on. Will have to see the outcome in June xx

A really good reading.

Lorraine about listing TODAYS FREE READING PART 2 8 days ago.