My name is Karen Wells, I have recently qualified as a Spiritual Life Coach. I am a Reiki Master and a holistic therapist. I have certification in CBT and Mindfulness. Having come from an Irish background, I have been born into the seventh generation of being a gifted medium and psychic having extra sensory perception. I have been intuitively reading for people for nearly 30 years.
As a Spiritual Life Coach, not only will you have a reading but you can have a Spiritual Life Coaching session with me to help iron out any current issues.
I can help you set goals, help motivate you, improve your confidence, improve negative thinking or overthinking as well as help improve anxiety and low mood. I can assist with career options and I specialise in relationships having completed courses in codependancy, domestic abuse, narrsasistic personality disorder, inner child work to name a few.
I work clearing the chakras, unblocking stagnant energy, spirit attachment release.
I provide healing, and I am also here just to listen to you if you need to let off stream.
My Facebook page is Spiritual Life Coach, Karen Wells. Please feel free to Join.

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Thank you for allowing me to read for you x

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A lovely lady,who deserves the best in life ...stay strong xx

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Very good reader

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