Information about eMystics

How it works

Not Received Reading within 3 Days or No Update from Psychic

eMsytics Money Back Guarantee

Step 1 – Contact Psychic within eMystics.

No reply after 24 hours

Step 2 – Open a Dispute within eMystics.

No reply within 24 hours

Step 3 – Open a dispute within PayPal.

(If not purchased through PayPal then the dispute within eMystics is sufficient)

At this point you should get refunded, and if not, after going through these steps then contact eMystics direct for a refund. 

Note: all the steps above be made to receive a full refund.

eMystics will then close listings as a precaution and contact psychic direct to investigate further and to claim refund back. Often this is down to illness, lack of connection or psychic not getting notification