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This man is feeling really trapped and whatever he does, he seems to get his head bitten off! A rather over-bearing woman seems to be placing some really controlling behaviour his way and he cannot focus emotionally on you due to the stress of the situation

ABOUT ANGEL GODDESS - I am clairsensient and first noticed my psychic ability at the tender age of 5, when I saw a Spirit literally walk into my parent's spare room and fade until it was gone. This ability has grown and developed over the years and I will get phrases, songs, names and visions popping up in my mind. Sometimes I can taste or smell foods, fragrances, etc as Spirit communicates through me.

My experience of reading for people is extensive - I have been reading for people for well over 18 years now using Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards and I am told again and again how accurate my readings are.

I also teach Tarot and Spiritual Development, here in my home town, near the River Dart.

I specialise in relationship readings

I am an empath and will pass on everything that comes through and help you go forward in the best way for you and your circumstances.

My intuitive and spiritual connections combine with cards, to give you a "picture" of what is unfolding and how to move forwards.

I am non-judgemental and read with genuine warmth to provide you with the best guidance possible.

My readings are not meant to replace medical or professional guidance/attention you may require, and, as you have free will, outcomes cannot be guaranteed, therefore you are accepting responsibility for your own life path whenever you have a reading. I ONLY READ FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE OVER 18 AND WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE ABLE TO APPROPRIATELY ASSIMILATE AND PROCESS A READING - I.E. COMING FROM A PLACE OF STABILITY/SAFETY AND NOT CONSIDERED TO BE IN A VULNERABLE STATE.

Readings are for guidance only.

***PLEASE NOTE, I AM NOT AVAILABLE ON WEDNESDAYS OR SUNDAYS, SO ANY CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED ON THESE DAYS WILL BE REACTED TO ON THURSDAY OR MONDAY. I FINISH WORKING AT 9pm LATEST, so please ensure any orders are in ideally the day before or the morning of the day you wish to have your reading********

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Thank you a positive reading xx

Reading was lovely and great advice too xx

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Very surprised, and good advantage knowing what I need to know.

Thank you for your reading.