Sizzle or Fizzle? Will you become Lovers? (Emailed) + Angel Card

The attraction to him is off the scale - but will you get physical?

You want him so badly - does he feel the same about you? What can you do to increase your chances of intimacy?

Please give me his first name and outline his relationship to you - i.e. are you yet dating, past lovers, etc. I also need to know if he or you are in any other kind of relationship - i.e. married or living with somebody else. Best to avoid confusion of energies!

Email required. As a bonus, I will also include a free Angel Reading for you, to encourage love and passion into your life

This reading will usually be emailed to you on the same day, (if paid for and accepted before 3pm). NB - I DO NOT WORK WEDS OR SUNDAYS OR AFTER 9pm