AUTOMATIC DRAWING READING Let the colours reveal your future

A very warm welcome and blessings to you!

This is a very unique way of divination!
Automatic Intuitive Energy drawing is a very unique way of divination.
The mystic connects to the Higher spiritual realm, using their guidance to draw energy that is then applied onto a paper by free-hand.
The image captures divine messages, deep insights and guidance
used for complete diagnoses and analysis of yourself, your body, possible blockages, illness, your relationships and immediate surroundings, space and living area.
Because of this deep analysis, we use this technique to remove, correct and send healing to any parts that are shown to be in disharmony.

Simple, yet immensely powerful, this divination offers you deep insights into YOU, offering you the guidance and healing you have been looking for. It also offers insights into your future.

This technique can improve your love relationships
by clearing out blockages, negativities and by revealing what are the possible errors in your relationship and clearing the errors away, thus aligning you and your loved one to each other.

You will get a copy of the drawing sent to your email along with an MP3 audio recording with a detailed description of the drawing.

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