SPECIAL OFFER Powerful Telepathic mind shift implanting + Reading

Mind Implanting inserts thoughts, making someone feel as they are the creator of these thoughts
Emotional Telepathy transfers feelings, more than just implanting a thought or suggestion in ones mind which works very well to remove negative memories

*note memories are never removed completely ..emotive telepathy helps introduce new perspectives to help achieve better understanding of actions or behaviors Which allows forgiveness and making negative memories less

relevant ***Negative memories can resurface if triggered by the same behaviors.

This kind of Telepathy involves implantation of subliminal messages, thoughts and scenarios to persuade someone especially when they are “on the fence” with a decision... basically tipping the scales towards the pros and away from the cons

Upon ordering I will ask a few questions about your situation and what your desires are with this person going forward.
I will need there name and star sign for this.

I will then perform the Telepathy and a reading of there current thoughts, feelings and intentions toward you and details of what I have telepathically implanted.

Please note spaces are extremely limited for this reading and I’m only able to offer 2 readings per day maximum, due to this reading being time consuming and needing a lot of energy.

*For entertainment purposes only

*Please allow upto 48 hours for your reading and follow up.

*Please do allow time for this to take affect as it can take around 1/2months to be fully effective.
Thank you