Special offer Troubled love life? Negative energy clearing spell

Are you having trouble finding “the one” Or are you having problems in an existing relationship?
blocked energy can cause all kinds of problems, and may be the root cause of most of your relationship problems. It can also be the reason why you cannot find their soulmate, or why relationships in your life never seem to work out.

If this sounds like your love life you may have a blocked or closed chakra.
If this is the case this can
Effect our ability to be close to people, trust someone you love, and even block you from meeting your soulmate.

This reading will give deep insight into what’s coming up for you in your love life in the coming weeks/months and also identify which chakra is blocked and guide you forward on how to unblock this chakra to enable you to manifest the relationship/romance that you have always wished for Or balance out existing relationships.
will also perform an energy clearing love ritual to help clear any blockages.

*Readings for entertainment purposes only and I do not pertain to be 100% accurate.
I do not read on pregnancy, health or legal matters.

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