SPECIAL OFFER Dream Reading what are they truly feeling+spell

Do you want to know how they truly feel? While they're asleep, I can tap into their true feeling, hopes and fears and find answers to the questions you've been searching for. Find out if he/she truly Loves you .

Simply send me a picture of yourself and love interest or alternatively Send both your names and date you both met. (Helps to tap in deeper to there subconscious thoughts)
I will then Tap into there subconscious whilst they sleep.

A love spell is also included with this reading.
I will perform a love spell on the same night as I perform the reading and again 2 days later which will make for some majorly intense energies.

The spell will have them thinking and dreaming about you constantly and help them gravitate back towards you again.

PLEASE STATE YOUR TIMEZONE WHEN ORDERING this Prevents delays in doing the reading and spell.

*please note I do not perform spells to force someone’s free will so please be aware free will can come into play and will only work if the love energy’s are still present between you on some level.
*spells can take anywhere from days to 3 months to take effect.