!!!Perfect timing now Mercury Retrograde passes on July 31st!!!

Under the guidance and wisdom of Lady Morrigan, a powerful white witch who I am honoured to be friends with, I will prepare this love spell to attract love into your life.

Using hand-made candle annointed with oils and herbs specific for love spells, I will meditate on a Rose-Quartz heart which is energised with love energies. I will then write your wishes down on blessed paper, prepare and cast your spell.

I will provide photographs of the ceremony & I will then do a 3-card Reading the day after to see what comes in for you.

As these spells are stronger the first Friday after the new moon, I will cast these only on FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST 2019. Only 3 available so I can focus strong energy to you all! Your Reading will be available a couple of days after this for you.

All I need is your full name to carry this ceremony out. I will not focus on a specific person to come in just the best love for you as it is a law of karma not to change what the universe wishes for you but if you feel someone is the right one it will automatically draw them to you.

Looking forward to doing this for you!!


Disclaimer: This is not a guaranteed result as a persons free will can always change outcomes.