Full Moon in Cancer Email Reading

This is the perfect reading for those of you who love to work with the full moon energies.

Each full moon has a different energy to work with, meaning that over the 12 month period we have opportunities to work on all areas of our lives

The full Moon is a time of releasing all the things that are no longer serving your highest good, practicing forgiveness and finally filling yourself up with gratitude.

This month we have a full moon in Cancer and on the other side, we have the sun, currently in Capricorn which governs our identity, ego and sense of self.

When these two powerful energies oppose, we have a full moon that offers us all an opportunity to think about our self care needs.

The moon governs our feelings, emotions and ability to nurture ourselves.

Let me see what the Tarot and the Cancer moon energy wishes to share with you at this time.

I aim to have this to you within 12 hours (24 hrs at most)

Please note I do not read on health, pregnancy or legal matters, nor do I give financial advice. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I look forward to connecting with you
Julia x

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