January Personal Monthly TarotScope & Numerology Forecast

Would you like to know the energies which are around you for the month of January?

Your Personal Monthly TarotScope will look at your Sun Sign, Rising Sign and your Moon Sign which is going to give you valuable insight for the month ahead.

Also included is your monthly numerological forecast!

By having all of this information to hand will enable you to navigate your way through the month of January with insight and ease!

When purchasing please provide the following information:

Date of Birth (day / month / year)
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

I can not complete this reading without this information

I aim to have this to you within 12 hours (24 hrs at most)

Please note I do not read on health, pregnancy or legal matters, nor do I give financial advice. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I can’t wait to connect with you
Julia x

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