Candle Work: Specialist Wish Making Service. Lightwork. Magick!

Candle Work: Specialist Wish Making Service. Lightwork. Magick!

Lightworker. Truth. Flame Casting. Fortune. Psychic. Portal. Strong. Powerful. Sacred. Spiritual.

Make your wish come true with this light working magical essence of focused Candle Work!

Is there something you are wanting to draw into your life? Something you are hoping for? Wanting? Then look no further than this Candle Work/Magic casting service, where I draw upon the flames of the divine to open up and interact with a deeper portal of psychic castings and offers. Tuning in and connecting with the inner workings of specialised wish making and fortune telling candles in order to answer your wish and make it come true, drawing it and the results into your realm.

How it works:

1) Please purchase the required amount of Wishes in which you would like (just change the quantity depending on how many you are wanting).

2) Upon purchase, please send me over what you would like for your Candle/Wish work intention to be: (multiple purchases can be made for different wishes or the same, for deeper & enhanced focus on that one wish. Just state what you require!).
If for a certain person(s) please include names & dates of birth if possible as this helps strengthen the lightwork.

3) Please leave an email address if this is a preferred way for me to send your lightwork confirmation over to.

4) I will then prepare and commence the lightwork and will send you over confirmation that the wish(s) have been cast & set, via the messaging system or your specified email.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages or a specified email of your choice!