TELEPATHY Channelled Psychic Reading: Clairvoyance. MIND READING

TELEPATHY Channelled Psychic Reading: Clairvoyance. MIND READING

Sixth Sense. Find out what they're thinking and feeling about you today! Deep Connection.

Ever wanted to know what a person thinks of you? Or how they feel about you? Then look no further than this deep, focused Telepathy Reading, where I tune deeply in and connect strongly with your chosen persons energetic mind field, aura and vibes to reveal their true emotions, thoughts & feelings towards and about you!

This reading can be done for anyone in your life, a lover; past or present, partner, friend and/or family member or even a stranger you've met or colleague at work etc.!

This reading will delve in deep into the realms of ESP (extrasensory perception, using thought transference and deep attunement in order to connect with another person's mind, thought pattern and emotions.

How it works:

1) Upon purchase please send me over via eMystics messages the NAME (if you know it/or a description of the person) and their CONNECTION TO YOU.

2) I will then proceed to commence this telepathic reading. Sending it over to your eMystics messages unless you have specified a personal email of choice.

3) You will then receive a deep reading of this person's thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions & motives towards you and the relationship/connection that you share, did share or are going to go onto sharing in the future, with this person.

This can be a present connection or one from the past or an energy in which you are wanting to find out about for a future potential, that you would like to gain insight into what they are thinking of you now!

This is a deep and powerful reading, tuning into the portal of another's deepest thoughts, feelings and genuine matters of the heart as to how they feel about you or a given situation in which you are wanting to gain deep knowledge and insight into.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages unless an email is specified.