Coffee Cup Reading: Tasseography. Deep & Revealing Insight!

Coffee Cup Reading: Tasseography. Deep & Revealing Insight!

Divination. Hidden truths. Unique & Exciting Psychic Reading.

Curious to know your fortune that lies beneath, from the bottom of a cup? Then look no further than this unique and ancient art of tasseography, with this powerful form of psychic reading and fortune telling, you will get pin pointed answers and direction to give you ultimate clarity and guidance within your life.

How it works:

1) There are two ways/options in which this reading can take place and be commenced for you:
- ONE: Simply send me in a picture of your just finished/empty coffee cup after you have drank it.
- TWO: Tell me exactly how you like and have your coffee(s), e.g. black, milk, sugar, sweetener etc.

2) From either of these options above, I can then commence your reading and begin to interpret what it reveals about you, your life, what you need and your future.

3) Once this has been sent from you and I have completed the reading, you will receive this via eMystics messages or a chosen email if specified.

Please note: this is not a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages or a specified email of your choice!