Thought Implantation Service: Magick & Powerful Psyche Work

Thought Implantation Service: Magick & Powerful Psyche Work

Implant thoughts into their psyche today! Thought provoking. Mind tunnelling and memory gain. Psychology.

Implant thoughts into the one you love or someone of whom you want to draw their attention to something specific of focus.

This non invasive, spiritually driven, magic service, offers you the chance to send over and channel a specific thought of your choice, in which you are wanting for someone to start thinking, feeling and adopting into their lives and realms.

This can be for a loved one of your choice, such as a:

Family member (mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, uncle, aunt etc)
Friend (best friend, school friend, work mate etc)
Partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc)
Or even a colleague or boss anyone of whom you have a connection with in your existence this can be done for.
Example thought choices can be things such as:
- To: Think of me in a loving/romantic sense
- To: Rethink the past and what has happened
- To: Reconsider a choice/decision they have made
- To: Draw back feelings about me
- To: Fall in love with me

& SO MANY MORE. Any and all, can be your choice!

How it works:

1) This is for the purchase of 1 thought implantation, per 1 reading/service.
Please provide me with the NAME and CONNECTION of the person in which you'd like to implant this into (spiritually/energetically) and the SPECIFIC THOUGHT in which you are wanting to instil into their minds and pass onto them, to start thinking, feeling, contemplating and potentially act upon in their lives and for themselves.

2) I will then begin to commence this service for you, sending over confirmation when this has been done and set.

3) Please leave an email address if this is a preferred way for me to send your thought implantation confirmation over to.

Please note: Keep it respectful. I will NOT cast nor set any thought that is harmful to ANY individual.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which a confirmation email will be sent to you via eMystics messages unless an email is specified.