Tea Leaf Reading: Tasseomancy. Fortune Telling. Future Prediction

Tea Leaf Reading: Tasseomancy. Fortune Telling. Future Prediction

Deep. Revealing. Divination. Hidden truths. Powerful Predictions.

Tune into the art of Tasseomancy today! And allow for me to reveal what lies beneath and ahead through the power of tea leafs. With this unique and ancient practise, you will receive pinpointed and direct answers to the question(s) in which you are needing to know!

How it works:

1) Upon purchase, please specify a question in which you would like to ask for this reading. Remember, the more general the question, the more general the answer will be, so try to be as specific as you can to yield the exact same response.

2) Once this has been established, I can then begin your tea leaf reading, brewing a fresh, hot cup of loose tea leaves in order to meditate on with your question, taking note of the formations of leafs, how they come together or seperate and what this says and reveals for you and your specific question.

3) Once this has been completed, you will receive this reading via eMystics messages or a chosen email if specified.

Please note: this is not a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages or a specified email of your choice!