Meditation Ritual. Powerful Magic SERVICE. Bring yourselves together today!

Bind your lover to you today!

This powerful visualisation, meditation practise is one of the most sacred and strong methods of magic in order to bind love directly from your person of choosing to you, or another. Bind yourself with connections or energies in your life that you want to reconnect with, grow stronger with or deepen your love with. Allow for yourself and your one true love to be brought back together again in this strong and powerful Love Binding Energetic Service.
This can be done for a temporary or permanent internal basis, when it comes to your past, present and what will go onto be your future thoughts and feelings of and about this person in question, how you feel towards them and what place they hold in your life now and moving forward.

With this service that I offer, I will use visualization meditation in order to focus upon your person in question in order to bind their energy, heart and true emotions with and to you and the bond that you share and want to go onto share.
With this specialist tool, you will be able to start to notice a shift in energy and results manifesting themselves into you both physically, emotionally and psychologically.
In which is going to help repair you energetically and physically as well as changing your relationships for the better with whom you surround and positively impact and improve your overall well being, especially when it comes to love, romance and relationships.

Is there someone in your life that you want to bind your love with now, solidify and deepen your connection with? Someone of whom you want to rekindle your love with, and enable them to have deep emotional and romantic feelings for you? This could be for a romantic partner, past, present and even future, to draw your future partner into you. But this can also be with and for a family member or friend to heal a connection and/or make it stronger.

This is like my Cord Cutting Specialist Service, but just the complete opposite! Drawing love, energies and positive relationships in instead of cutting negative ties and energies out which my Cord Cutting Service offers. So you well and truly have the best of both worlds, to suit and fit all your required needs! linked here:

How it works:

1) Upon purchase, please send me over the connection and name of whom you would like to bind your love with
Please provide me with whether you would like for this to be on a temporary or permanent basis.

2) I will then send you over confirmation once the Love Binding Service and Ceremony has taken place for you with your said connection.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which a confirmation email will be sent to you via eMystics messages unless an email is specified.