Twin Flame Reading, Healing and Love Spell

Twin Flame Reading:
Are you curious to know who your twin flame is?
Would you like to know roughly where and when you will meet?
Have you met your Twin Flame already?
Are you in seperation at the moment?
Does your relationship ( if in one ) blow hot and cold?
Would you like to see where your relationship is going?

Let me help you by describing your Twin flame's personality, whether you have met already or if you are still waiting for your true love to cross your path.

Let me help you clear any negative blocks to attracting your love or to help your love return. I am a Reiki Master and I will perform a full Chakra system clearance and i will send you healing.
Lastly i will perform a love spell to help you draw in your Twin Flame.

Please ask up to 3 questions and leave your E-mail address for me to send your reading.

I look forward to reading for you.
Blessings, Karen x