Reconciliation Candle Spell plus Tarot Reading Reading

Reconciliation Candle Spell plus Tarot Reading -Perform for the Upcoming Full Moon For Sep. 20th ( I'll keep updating the full moon dates for ya'll)

Did you have a break up or a divorce? Are you wanting them to come back? Do you want them to forgive and forget the past, and move forward into this connection in a more positive direction?

Book with me to have a Reconciliation Candle spell done For the Upcoming Full Moon. You will also get a Tarot Reading afterwards to look into the connection for the next 30 day window period.

Please keep in mind that this will not be perform til the night of the Full Moon. So this coming Full Moon is Sep. 20Th

I will provide pictures of your ritual. That will show the names craved into the candle and the writing writen on the ritual plate.

I will also provide pictures of your Tarot Reading.

I will need both partys names and date of birth to perform your ritual and tarot reading.

My spells can take from a day to several months to work. Just because it doesnt work right away doesn't mean the ritual didn't work. Sometimes it takes a while for the Universe to pay attention to the new intention you want to get for yourself, or for someone else. Its important to stay postive thru the whole time in order to help manifest it into reality. Remember negative thinking and self doubts are a low vibration to put out and is something that you will attract back. Which will cause blockages and barries from movement for it to happen. You have to believe in it to achieve it.

Remember a spell is not 100% guaranteed. Sometimes what you want is not always what the universe has in the books for you.

Belle's Inner Senses Tarot seeks to provide spiritual guidance and clarity for whatever situation you are facing. Whether it be relationship issues, finances, or even just feeling out of touch with yourself. I can help you find your way. The cards are very detailed and carry specific meaning and I also use my empathetic and intuitive abilities to provide you with a clear reading that you can understand and feel good about!

Tarot readings should never be used to make final decisions on important life matters. It is important to understand that we all have free will and are subject to the consequences of our decisions. Readings are used for spiritually clarity and guidance so that you can gain a better understanding of what you are going through or what someone else is going through (spouse, partner, boss, friend, etc.) and in turn get a general idea on how to handle  any situation.

Once you purchase a reading with me there will be no refunds, and by booking a reading with me you are agreeing to the terms.