Astrology Chart Reading: 3 Sign Deep Reading. SUN. MOON. RISING

Astrology Chart Reading: Rising, Sun & Moon Sign. 3 Sign Deep Reading. Find out your 3 signs today! Zodiac. Star Signs. Horoscope. Revealing

FIND OUT YOUR RISING SIGN TODAY! Rising, Sun & Moon Sign Reading revealed!
An in depth & exciting Astrology Chart Reading! Find out your Sun, Moon and your very special, important and accurate Rising sign today!

Astrological Reading. Personal to you. This extensive and enjoyable reading will reveal to you your most popular and well known Sun sign characteristics and traits as well as your Moon and Rising signs!

The 3 Signs Explained:
- Sun Sign: The most popular and well known sign. Represents the core of who you are at a basic level.
- Moon Sign: Your shadow sign. Your emotion. The side of you that only people close to you get to see.
- Rising Sign: The you people see at first glance. How you come across to others. First impressions.

This can be done for you personally and/or a friend or family member or whomever you may want it for. I will just require the specified details above for each person.

A 3 Sign Reading personalised to you: SUN. MOON & RISING!

What I will need from you for this in depth reading, focused on your 3 main Rising, Sun and Moon signs are:
- Your Name (First & Second)
- Your Gender
- Your Date of Birth (Month, Day & Year)
- The time you were Born (Closest to the exact time will be the most accurate, but no worries if not)
- The Place you were Born (Town/City, Country, State if applicable)

How it works:

  1. Upon purchase I will need the above from you (Name/Gender/DOB/Time of Birth/Place of Birth)
    This can be sent via eMystics messages

  2. I will then commence your Astrological Chart Reading in order to reveal to you your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign, including personality traits, characteristics, truths and exciting revelations about each!

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages unless an email has been specified.