Why cant i let go of him ??

Hello and welcome to my page, if you are reading this right now, then destiny has brought you here.

A reading with me will not only offer you the comfort you seek, but nudging you in the right direction forward.

As an Aquarian and a healer, I know a thing or two about letting go. One of them is that it's harder said than done and another is that these things aren't always so obvious to us thanks to the power of suppression. This reading will give you insight into what exactly it is that you've been holding onto that no longer serves you and needs to be released.

Please send any additional information you feel may be necessary prior to the reading.

Upon purchase, please kindly see below
* Your name and person of interest
* Email address
* Please let me know, what area is of concern to you .

***Please note, my readings work on energy and time
frames are difficult to predict and for this reason i work
on 3 months and up for the energy to play out. As much
as we all want instant results the final outcome will dependent on divine timing, and where you meant to be right now and - what is ultimately for your highest good.

I look forward to reading for you.

Blessed be !!