Messages from your silent/distant partner /no contact

Messages from your person/ Twin Flame, Soul Mate Reading, Spiritual Connection

Are you in some sort of separation/ no communication and your wondering what your person would say to you if they could?

Find it out now with this reading!
This reading will really go into lots of detail looking into your love interest energy , what they would like to say to you and if they will come forward , what’s keeping them back at this time.

These messages come from my self-created Divine whispers Love messages deck.
I will also be using some Tarot/oracle cards to clarify more about your persons situation.

The information I need from you is
Your first name + star sign
Your person's first name + (optional)Star sign A short description of the situation.

*Please allow up-to 48 hours to receive your reading.
*Readings are for entertainment purposes only
*I do not read on pregnancy , health or legal matters.