Channeling Lama Dorje

Some years ago I travelled to Tibet with the great astrologer Jonathan Cainer. While I was there I was taken on an astral journey to visit a cave in which was a glass box within which was a statue of a very accomplished monk, Lama Dorje.I was told that he would answer any questions I might put to him as his spirit inhabited the statue.
I have recently established a connection.
I offer this to you but only important questions please, he has little patience for tittletattle. He does not always answer the question asked but what he says always hits the point. Sometimes he refuses to connect with certain people in which case your money will be refunded.
Lama Dorje's view stretches over lifetimes.
Liberating blessings come with this reading.
This reading is channeled by me and is only available as a 15 minute audio.
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