Shadow work reading - 3 slots only

Hello and welcome to my page, if you clicked on my listing, then destiny has brought you here.. I guide and help those in need of guidance. With me as your reader, you will never walk this journey alone..

We are never without our Shadow, that darker, scarier part of our personality that we'd often rather repress. However, in order to truly experience the light of wholeness, it's imperative that we examine, accept, and integrate our shadow side. Let me help you get a better grasp of what you need to work on to be a happier, more balanced you!

Upon purchase:
*please enter your date of birth or age
*your email address
*please allow 24 hours to receive your reading
*Please feel free to ask any specific question you may have about your Shadow (the side of you that you keep hidden or don't know how to cope with)
*i will help you surrender to any bad judgements you feel about yourself
*i will help you heal and grow

-my readings are for guidance purposes and remember you are the captain of your own life, take what resonates and the rest you are always welcome to use as awareness..

Blessed be !