Nothing Working? Your Dirty Aura Blocks u TIME 4 CLEANSE!

Are Rituals not working? Predictions not coming true?
You feel sad, depressed, angry, frustrated?
Your dirty Aura may be blocking everything.
Every time we go out or interact with people even by text or phone you pick up their energy. if you're in contact with negative people, their dark negative energy attaches to your aura. You could have negative attachments from years ago or you could just have a big build-up of major negativity.
You probably are not even aware of it. However it blocks your Love Life. It can also make you feel, sad, depressed angry for no reason. If it goes on long enough or the negative energy is strong you can even get ill.
An Energy or Aura cleaning is recommended once every 3 months.
You can do it yourself at home as well. However, if you've never done one it's best to use a professional.