Your journey with grief

Hello and welcome to my page, if you are reading this then destiny has brought you here, allow me help and guide you through the most painful time of your life, be it loss of a loved one, a break-up or any situation you need closure on...

This reading is meant to explore this process of integration and give you areas to think about as you move along your path

.When making your purchase please let me know what type of loss you want me to focus on and i will guide you with the utmost care and sincerity. I believe you being guided to me is to share your story, so i can work with you and find the insights you need. Feel free to ask any questions.

  • Please provide me with your age or DOB
    • Please allow 48 hours for me to do an in-depth reading
    • Reading for guidance purposes only
    • Please share on what area you need help with and together i will help you move forward and cope with life at at your own pace.

Blessed be !