Channeled love letter from your ex

Hello and welcome to my page, if you have clicked onto my ad, then destiny has brought you here, and i am here to guide you forward.

Have you recently been through a break-up? Have you been broken up for a while? Are you going through a separation or an estranged relationship? Would like to receive a letter for closure or to see if you will get back together with your ex? If you answered yes to any of these questions purchase this reading today to receive a letter from your ex.

• readings done within 48 hours
• readings for guidance purposes only
• not every reading will resonate with you as its
dependent on outside circumstances and what
energies i am working with at the time of your
reading. Always take out of my reading what
resonates and the rest you can use as awareness for
going forward in life .

Much love to you and i look forward to be of assistance to you x