Photo reading

would you like to know what a persons intentions are towards you ?
be it love , friendship or any other area I can pick up and read on the the energy’s of the person/s in the photo.
Can also give hints on there personality if you don’t know them very well.
I can also pick up there aura and give you an idea on any possible energy blockages this person may have.
For this psychic reading, your name is required along with the name/s of any other person in the picture
and a description of the person/place/thing (information you are already aware of)
and any other relevant information.
This helps me better connect the energy and give you the most accurate in depth reading possible.

*for entertainment purposes only
* i do not read on pregnancy , health or legal matters
Please allow upto 48 hours for your reading.
I will give you my email address upon ordering so you send your photo/s to me as Emystics message does not support media upload.
Love and light x

Mobile (Text/WhatsApp for Availability):