Are they IN LOVE with me or do they just LOVE me?

Are they IN LOVE with me or do they just LOVE me?

Find out today whether your partner, love interest or the person of whom you are seeing are IN LOVE with you or whether they just LOVE you, because there is a difference so gain answers, clarity and confirmation today!

Define and realise where you want for this connection to go by delving into the depths of the level and type of love that you and your partner share, revealing whether they love you or are in love with you.

How it works:

  1. Upon purchase please send me over the name and connection of the person in which you would like for me to tune into today.

  2. I will then begin to delve into this reading commencing whether or not this person loves you or is IN love with you

  3. Please note: this reading can be on and for you and your relationship personally or can be asked for another such as a friend, family member etc!

  4. I will then send your reading directly over to you via eMystics messages unless a chosen email is specified.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages unless an email is specified.