Photo Reading

In this reading I will use my psyhic abilities to absorb information, energy and intuition from your photo in order to help deliver your reading, combined with the use of my cards.

Please provide your name, DOB, a recent photo and a question or theme (for example love/life/career/wellbeing etc) . Your reading will be sent to an email address of your choice.

  • Please note, I am required to inform you that a reading cannot take the place of a qualified medical practitioner  or legal advice and are for entertainment purposes only. 18+ ONLY.

** The results of a reading are never set in stone and any outcome can be changed dependent on your own free will. No guarantees are made and i m  not responsible for any actions taken by an individual as a result of this reading.

*** This reading is provided for guidance purposes only and is not for fortune telling .

Love & Light to everyone ❤