Angelic Healing For You and A Loved One

The gift of Angelic Healing clears pathways, removes blockages and heals wounds on a spiritual level, opening the heart and connecting you to your life purpose and true love with joy and abundance.

If you have a named other Person please offer that name if known as well and if not this healing will create healing and Union on a deep level.

I have a special healing book I have been guided to create which is placed on my sacred alter and each name placed in this healing book will be sent healing continuously by the Angelic Realm of the purest energy, love, light and unifying energy.

This is a special offer for those reaching out And asking for prayer, healing and Union

Rose Angel x

About Me:

Blessings to You.

My spiritual name is Rose Angel. I am an intuitive psychic reader that is tuned into the Angelic Realm. I discovered my gift as a small child and was bullied at school for this and called a witch. As a result I hid my gift for many years, until just before a life changing event, the angels guided me to rediscover working with them to help others like yourself.

I am also a trained Angelic Reiki healer and also work with crystals in my readings. I also make crystal healing jewellery which I infuse with angelic reiki energy in the jewellery I make for people as amulets for protection and also with purposeful intentions for the wearer. Some of my clients have included well know celebrities.

I look forward to giving you guidance and healing.