During the new moon, our thoughts become potent. Think, plan, visualise and be clear about your desires as they have the potential to become reality.
The energy of this moon cycle will have particular things it wants to bring to your attention. 

What is this new moon cycle bringing up for me?

It will show a pattern, behaviour or belief that you need to work on or be made aware of. This may allow you to heal a block, move through a challenge, or allow for spiritual growth.  

What wants to emerge or grow during this cycle?

We like to plan and control the situations and outcomes that come to us, but the universe can bring us even more magic, delight and joy in ways that we might not even be able to see right now. 

What do I need to release this new moon

Understanding what is blocking us, or how our perspective needs to change, is such an important step in being able to move forward into our true potential.

How can I focus my attention to bring my desires into reality?

Most days, we can be distracted by so many things that are competing for our attention. It’s easy to forget those intentions we created at the start of the cycle. This will allow you know the most potent way you can co-create with the universe.

My affirmation for this new cycle.

Bring this message into your month by finding ways to include it in your daily practices. You could add it on your altar, set yourself some reminders to repeat your affirmation, create a piece of art including the words, or light a candle while reflecting on your affirmation.

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Love & Light to everyone ❤ ❤