Channelled Message From Your Higher Self

Channelled Message From Your Higher Self - Same Day Intuitive Tarot Reading. (Letter from)

If your higher self could reach out and speak to you right now. What will it want to tell you, or want you to hear at this time. Find out in this Intuitive Tarot Reading.


My Beautiful Soul,

Are you really being honest with yourself when it comes to your heart's desires? I am visualizing you with your head down and one hand on covering your face. You have certain plans and ideas that truly serve your purpose, but you are a bit impatient with them manifesting. I'm sensing a let down with some plans that might have not been working out for you especially in regards to your life purpose. That it has you all up in your mind; wondering why? Once again, people in your environment are blocking your abundance. I still feel that coming in for you very strongly today. You need to stand in your power, and love yourself enough to say no to all the negatives thoughts and feelings. Say no to those around you that are bringing toxic energy to your environment. You are Awakening now my beautiful soul, and you are starting to be shown your life purpose, but your ego may be the size of Texas which is making it hard on you to let go of those people around you because they are influencing your true identity. Until you let these people go, and start being honest with yourself? Your abundance is going to be blocked. So your gunna have to be honest with people around you otherwise things are not going to fall into place like how you would like it to fall. You have to accept this and come to this conclusion that people in your home/family/friend environment are holding you back from your abundance and prosperity. It's time to detach and focus on manifesting what your heart desires. Standing in your power and giving it your all.

Your Higher Self,

I will be sending this in 24 hrs
I would just need your name and dob.