If you’re having trouble moving on, this tarot spread might help you reflect on what you’re holding on to – and what your next steps might be to let go.

If you have questions on your mind like that  then its a perfect spread for you.

 Why am I missing this relationship?

Why am I holding onto this relatiosnhip?

What do I need to see that I’m not at this time?

What is my next step to let go and move on?

While there is no one way to let go, the one thing I like to remind people is that no one gets spiritual by holding on.

Waiting around for an ex sends a message that “there isn’t enough love out there.” It’s scarcity mentality and keeps you locked in romantic limbo.
You must trust that the Universe is benevolent and abundant. When you begin to believe that and live that, you create space for the right one to come!

BELIEVE in process, BELIEVE in yourself , BELIEVE in UNIVERSE & DIVINE

The more information you provide about current situation & yourself  allows me to focus the reading better and get you the most accurate reading possible. Your Picture would be advantage as more accurate reading can be done as well. 
A tarot reading can offer guidance and assist you to navigate various areas of your life. It can also be a used to get further insight to where you are right now and where you may be heading.

Your  reading is confidential, conducted with love and an open heart.

Thank you for choosing me as your reader and I hope we can build a strong connection for the future.

  • Please note, I am required to inform you that a tarot reading cannot take the place of a qualified medical practitioner  or legal advice and are for entertainment purposes only. 18+ ONLY.

** The results of a reading are never set in stone and any outcome can be changed dependent on your own free will. No guarantees are made and i m  not responsible for any actions taken by an individual as a result of this reading.

*** This reading is provided for guidance purposes only and is not for fortune telling .

Love & Light to everyone ❤