Pendulum Readings .
Only Yes/No question answears .Psyhic Guidance.  Connection with  Spirits & Universe. Up to 7 Questions.
Same day response.
If you looking for an answears  You can ask the pendulum a question! you need to be very specific with your question and it  needs to be straight to the point on what you want asked as this is a Yes or No answer that you will get, if you dont ask the question direct to what you want then you wont get an accurate answer.


Will i have another baby?
Will my baby be born sooner or later? Questions about legal situations and health problems.
- Timing questions (I can give a general overview of timing but nothing specific)
- When you will die/how you will die.
- If you’ll win the lottery.
- Questions about people you know that have passed on and wanting me to contact them.)

YOU will get a Yes or No answer reply, if its not the answer you are looking for then it could be its not the right timing, or can happen on a later date, or other issues around it that may be the answer.

Please remember that readings are for entertainment purposes only and age 18 + ! Any advice or guidance I give you is not professional  legal advice!

I do also really and truelly believe in FREE WILL!!!  If I’ve predicted something and it doesn’t happen, it probably is because people have their own free will and make decisions for themselves.

Please contact me on eMystics or you can leave your personal email .

Love & Light for everyone !!! ❤