In a Relationship Tarot Reading

In a Relationship Tarot Reading

Are you in a relationship and there is a situation or decision that is needing to be made, but your needing guidance and clairty within the situation. Well this reading is for you then.

This reading includes

1) The Relationship Situation - what is happening - a conflict, decision, or desired situation.

2) Your Conscious Level - your thoughts about the situation.

3) Your Emotional Level - your feelings about the situation.

4) Your Behavior or Attitude - the way you're responding outwardly.

5) Their Conscience Level - their thoughts about the situation.

6) Their Emotional Level - their feelings about the situation.

7) Their Behavior or Attitude - the way they're responding outwardly.


What I would need:
Your name/ person involved name
Both of y'alls d.o.b.
I would need your email address to send your reading to.

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