Psychic Reading On Your Past Life Reincarnation - Who Were You?

Past Life Reading;

Your reading will include any details i can pick up for you. Some examples of what i "may" pick up for you include the following type of information;

1: Who were you in a past life?
2: What was your occupation during this time?
3: What kind of life did you live?
4: WHEN was this previous life you reincarnated into? 1700's? Medieval times? Viking? Etc
5: What were some key events in this past life?
6: Were you famous?
7: Who were you married to?

And many more possible insights!

This is how it works;

1: Simply make your purchase and i will then see what i can pick up for you on who you used to be in a previous life. If you wish to send a picture of yourself to help me, please do, but it isnt essential.

2: Delivery is DIGITAL, which means i will send your answer to your EMYSTICS email (if you want it sent to your normal email, please let me know).