The Wheel Tarot Reading

This Reading will consist of:
Card 1 – The Heart of the Situation
Card 2 – The Crossing or Obstacles (laid crossways over Card 1 like the centre of the Celtic Cross spread)
Card 3 – The Foundation of the Situation
Card 4 – Recent Events
Card 5 – What you think about the Situation
Card 6 – Possible Trends
Card 7 – Possible Choices Ahead
Card 8 – What may need to change
Card 9 – What you many need to learn
Card 10 – Where you would like the situation to go
Card 11 – Final message, advice or guidance

Please provide me with your email address to send you your audio recording reading. I will also need your name and d.o.b. If you would like to send me a picture of u to help draw energies off of. Please feel free to send it to me at the email address listed below.

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