Direction Spread

This spread shows:
1) Your current life direction
2) The lesson you're learning
3) What you're moving toward
4) Your long-term objective
5) What will help you attain your objective

All what I need is:
1) your first name and date of birth
2) Pls choose 5numbers from 0 to 21, I work with the 22 Arcana of the Tarot and I will start the reading with the numbers that you choose.

My name is Sunrise. I'm a Tarot reader. I can offer you a full, in depth consultation. I have over 20 years experience and a great sensitivity of the spiritual world. When I do a reading, I send questions to the spirits and show my answers through cards. So, I can only give you clear answers.

I don't offer health-related issues (pregnancy or the sex of children), legal issues and any in-depth financial issues that require specialist advice.

Readings done within 24 hours.
Readings for guidance purposes only.