New-Relationship Spread

Sometimes you want to evaluate your new relationship.
Is it really what you want? Is it really what you need? Is there a better place? What are you bringing to the relationship? What the other person is bringing to the relationship? Is it true that we two are meant to be together? Will the relationship last?

All I need is:
1) Your first name and date of birth. His/her first name and date of birth
2) You can choose 5 numbers from 0 to 21, I work with the 22 Arcanas of the Tarot and I will start the reading with the numbers that you choose.

My name is Sunrise. I'm a Tarot reader. I can offer you a full, in depth consultation. I have over 20 years experience and a great sensitivity of the spiritual world. When I do a reading, I send questions to the spirits and show my answers through cards. So, I can only give you clear answers.

I don't offer health-related issues (pregnancy or the sex of children), legal issues and any in-depth financial issues that require specialist advice.

Readings done within 24 hours.
Readings for guidance purposes only.