SELF LOVE HEALING - Distance Angelic Reiki

To receive love you have to start with self love.

I will send you some guided Angelic Reiki Distance Healing, specifically for self love healing whether it’s a broken heart Or feeling despair or anger, loneliness.

This healing is to open the heart chakra unblock , heal and strengthen your heart so abundance and love comes to you, wherever you are in the world.

A very special price today for those reaching out . Session is one hour scheduled.

Rose Angel x

About Me:

Blessings to You.

My spiritual name is Rose Angel. I am an intuitive psychic reader that is tuned into the Angelic Realm. I discovered my gift as a small child and was bullied at school for this and called a witch. As a result I hid my gift for many years, until just before a life changing event, the angels guided me to rediscover working with them to help others like yourself.

I am also a trained Angelic Reiki healer and also work with crystals in my readings. I also make crystal healing jewellery which I infuse with angelic reiki energy in the jewellery I make for people as amulets for protection and also with purposeful intentions for the wearer. Some of my clients have included well know celebrities.

I look forward to giving you guidance and healing on your journey.