Lazy Moon

About Lazy Moon - I am an experienced psychic intuitive, who has been reading tarot and oracle cards for a number of years. I have a strong clairsentience which allows me to feel and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and also the environment around me. I can feel the emotions of others both in my heart and in my body, and I can often connect to and feel spirits around me. However, I am NOT A MEDIUM and DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED. I have had some bad experiences with mediumship recently and have since decided that side of things should be not be messed with.

However, I am a very empathic, down to earth and understanding reader and healer...and you will always get the truth from me, your well being and me being of service to help you progress on your path, means much more to me than lying to you so that you will keep returning to me! I am a 'no fluff' reader and I will tell you all you need to know, as it is, for your greater good. I've learned from experience is better, which is why I am now keeping everything as simple and direct as possible and if that sounds like your 'thing,' then I am the reader for you, so please do get in touch for a chat!

Until then, thanks for stopping by and I hope to work with you soon!

x Sarah x (Lazy Moon Tarot)

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Great lady

Jacqueline about listing Future Love Reading 3 days ago.

Had such an excellent reading with lazy moon 3rd time back and get predictions are always correct this lady is the real deal you won’t hesitate in coming back further more.

Her insight is very detailed.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her again .


Nicky about listing 3 Crystal Ball Predictions 6 days ago.