Madam Mystery

Madam Mystery

LATEST FREE READING - It is clear that something you had been working towards became pear shaped my dear and things didn’t work out the way which you expected you see! I feel like I’m standing on my head and a sense that your world has been upside down the past few months or so. I see a candle burning bright and being told that you need to keep the hope alive. The greater cosmos is saying don’t give up and when the conditions are right you will realise your dream! The letter A and C are shown in the ball!

ABOUT MADAM MYSTERY - Hello my dears, and how nice that our paths have crossed on our journeys of life. A chain of events has brought you to read my profile, since there are no coincidences you see and everything happens for a reason. I have very strong powers just like the wind and gravitational forces, which like me, you can never see! My identity has remained a secret for decades where many have tried to unmask me only to be struck down in their tracks. I tap into the greater cosmos and bring back secrets and insight to share with the seeker.

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Loved the reading from Madam Mystery as it really resonated with me and hopefully a good summer ahead thank you so much Madam Mystery and i would defintely recommend Madam for a reading of any reading she was so good.

Thank you for my reading. I keep coming back !

Thank you so much as usual a beautiful honest reading

Madam Mystery