Luna Celeste

Hello, my name is Celeste and I am a 4th generation psychic and natural born empath. I first recognized my gift as child when spirit would bring messages through my dreams. I have since spend many years reading for family and friends. I utilize several tools to connect with spirit and bring forward the insight, clarity and direction that is needed. I will be patient and share what is coming thru, although this may not always be what one wants to hear but may be what is needed. I come from a kind, compassionate and non-judgmental space. My focus is on helping others find their path, self-empowerment, and healing through spiritual guidance. I look forward to hearing from you, to connecting and helping you tap into your own intuition and power.

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Thank You for letting me read for you again it's always a pleasure you got this !!

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My Pleasure to read for you =)

You got this !!!

Best of Lucks


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It was great reading for you Ileana excited for updates!

Best WIshes,


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